Basketball Legends 1 veto, 5/5 Rating: rating 1368
Basketball Legends

Basketball Legends game is a world where a great basketball game is played that offers entertainment for 2 players. You have to choose your team as soon as you start the game. Then you can beat them by making matches against your friends that you will invite or who are in the game. If you want to finish the game with a win, you will need to hit great dunks. In order to make 3 pointers, it is necessary to keep your player under constant control. In Basketball Legends, you have to knock your opponent down to defeat them. After knocking down your opponent, you must pick up the ball. For this reason, you should never hesitate to block and slap your opponent. Pay close attention to the super hit bar at the top of your screen and once the bar is full you can use the hot special dunk. Wherever you are, this dunk will come in handy. There is no one who has not won the hot special dunk yet. In Basketball Legends, the WASD and arrow keys on the keyboard will help you move forward, while the XZV and KL keys will help you slap and dunk.

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