Candy Crusher
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Candy Crusher

Candy Crush Saga is a popular HTML5 game played on mobile devices and Facebook. The game is a candy themed puzzle game and players earn points by matching the same colored candies within a certain time limit. The game gets harder with each level and players have to use different strategies to overcome the obstacles.

How the Game is Played

Candy Crush Saga is very easy to play. Players have to match candies of the same color on a plane, where they must earn a certain number of points to complete the level. Matched candies explode and help players score points.

Before starting a level, players are shown how many points they need to earn and how many moves they can make. Scoring can be increased by special combinations where you combine the same colored candies and earn extra points. For example, when you match a T-shaped candies, you can create a bomb. This bomb can make you earn more points by popping the same colored candies.

The game may require players to overcome certain obstacles. For example, some candies may need to be locked and can only be unlocked a certain way. They can also use boosters on some levels that allow players to make special matches that they use once and earn extra points.


While Candy Crush Saga is very enjoyable to play, some levels can be quite challenging. Here are some tips for you:

Plan: Before starting the level, create a specific strategy. So you can make your moves smarter.

Create special combinations: Special combinations within the game can help you earn extra points.

Use Boosters: Boosters can make levels easier. I recommend using them, especially on difficult levels.

Be patient: some levels of the game

Progress can be quite challenging and you may not be successful even after a few tries. In this case, stay calm and review your strategy. Good planning and patience will help you pass the level in the end.

Consider your order of play: The game is played in turns. Your every move should be a strategy where you have to consider how it will affect your other moves.

Be careful: in some levels, you may need to collect special candies to overcome certain obstacles. Therefore, be careful and do not forget about your goals.

Ask your friends for help: You can connect with your friends in the game and get extra lives and boosters from them. This can also help you pass the levels.


Although Candy Crush Saga is a simple and fun game, some levels can be quite challenging. Good planning, strategy and patience will help you beat each level. You can also earn more points by using hints such as special combos and boosters. Enjoy!

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