Downhill Chill
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Downhill Chill

Hello dear Gamethrink player.

Hey player. Welcome to play Downhill Chill. Downhill Chill kayak slide
is a great game.

Hello, today I want to talk to you about a very nice game. This game is the skiing game that we remember with longing in winter sports. What do you think of a ski race that is as exciting and fun as one or more racers? I can guess. Try to collect the gold that comes your way with a very simple control system and increase your score. There are different and increasingly difficult levels in the competition. Try to pass without hitting the obstacles in front of you to collect more points. In addition, try to jump from the high obstacles that will come in front of you without crashing to the ground. We have brought the fun and enjoyable ski race, which is the indispensable throne of winter sports, to the Gamethrink website for you. I hope you find more fun and excitement.

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