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Friday Night Funki Big Brother

Mess around with this new game Friday night Funki Big Brothera another game in this astonishing adventure !! Play the custom of every music, press the game buttons with flawless timing and collect the focuses to show that you are awesome. All your number one characters are here Big Brother, Boyfriend and numerous others are hanging tight for you.

Qualities and Objective: Try to beat Big Brother in a rap fight with the best tunes yet follow the cadence and attempt to be extremely exact to work on your score. Music game, levels and score Improve your score with each endeavor total all levels Follow the mood and complete the game
What happened to Big Brother in FNF?

That succubus gives off an impression of being Girlfriend, and Big Brother was shot by Armaros trying to shoot GF all things considered. This is affirmed on the authority legend report. Older sibling figured out how to forfeit himself to safeguard Girlfriend, knowing the amount Boyfriend cherishes her.Who is Boyfriend's brother FNF?

Ritz The Rat is Boyfriend's sibling. Both of them both appreciate singing and rapping.

How big is BF from FNF?

Ghost Arcade on Twitter: "the beau is standardly 7 feet tall."/Twitter.

Who is Friday night Funkin Bob?

Weave is the principal bad guy of the Friday Night Funkin' mod in a real sense each fnf mod ever, otherwise called Vs Bob Week. He an ineffectively drawn fiendish god that rap fights against Boyfriend a few times, getting more infuriated each time he loses. In VS Bob, Boyfriend has driven Bob mad and presently Bob needs to kill him.

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