Mega City Stunts 1 veto, 3/5 Rating: rating 1565
Mega City Stunts

Hello dear Gamethrink player.
Are you ready for an adventurous racing game adventure with Mega City Stunts? now on Gamethrink. Welcome to Mega City Stunts, the biggest online car racing game, buddy!
How about driving a very fast car and going over the cars that will come your way? This game is for you, my friend! You know, everything you do is a race, a new car and opening the doors of a new level is not difficult at all, you know? Here you can eliminate opponents by organizing races not only on your own, but even with your buddy. That's how I know you're a speed freak. Now is the time to start. Be fast because the people around you are faster than you.
Millions or even billions of people choose to play Mega City Stunts every day. Join us, play the game and have fun! Don't forget to press the play button to start the game right away, my dear player friend. On behalf of Gamethrink, we wish you good luck and success.

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