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Timberman - cut wood like a pro!

The original classic of the App Stores is now available for your PC or smartphone without any downloads and installations! Satisfying more than 20 million players worldwide since 2014, this retro style casual arcade game will get you addicted to chopping wood too.

Timberman's gameplay is simple: you play as a bearded lumberjack in a red flannel shirt and have to cut down trees with your axe. Click right or left to avoid branches and be as fast as possible because you only have a limited time per blow. But what sounds simple actually takes a lot of timing and good reflexes. You will get one point for every piece of wood cut. Try to cut down endless trees as long as possible to get a good score. However, the further you go, the less time you have, so hurry up!

You can use the wood you collect to unlock new characters in the shop or exchange them for coins. You can choose from a total of 105 heroes using different tools for chopping. Rare or epic characters can only be used for coins. Also, use the in-game money to buy plots in your village where your characters will roam and provide you with extra wood per hour. Once you have all the fields, a new field will be unlocked.

Tips & Tricks for Timberman

Keep leveling up your Lumberjack to get gifts.

Daily quests also give you rewards; Quests are updated every few hours.

Also, don't forget to collect your Daily Reward via the calendar icon. On day 7 you will receive an epic hero.

Each new game round reveals different trees for you to cut down – for example, a cactus in the desert, a palm tree in milk and honey land, or a cookie tree. So when you're Game Over, you can look forward to a new environment or even continue the game tour by watching an ad.

Are you ready to channel your inner lumberjack and make the best score ever? Then play Timberman for free on Gamethrink!

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