Hello dear Gamethrink player. How about trying to explore the YRZ-15 space station? General you start scouting here and fighting with rogue warriors in the area. Don't let Amogus' enemies defeat you! Try to capture the territory, try to protect your borders and occupy the entire station area! Rogue warriors are vulnerable as they flee their land and always leave a trail. If you hit the path, you will die and the area will be completely in your hands. Try to keep your track safe and attack enemy tracks. Conquer the regions in the station and manage to get the crown. Be ready. Develop your strategy. Expel the warriors and successfully claim the crown. General Among Us has sent you to catch the YRZ-15 space station. Battle different frauds for the domain. Try not to let the foes of the Amogus rout you! Catch an area, watch your lines and possess the whole station region! At the point when fraud is running out of its domain, it is helpless and leaves a path. Assuming you hit the path, it will pass on, and its domain will be liberated. Keep your path safe and assault foe trails. Overcome the biggest domain in the station and get the crown!

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