Angry Birds

Introduction to the Game

Angry Birds is a strategy game that uses birds to kill pigs that steal rabbits. The game has different worlds located on deserted islands, tropical forests, mountains and even outer space. To start the game, download and install Angry Birds game on your mobile device or computer. Next, open the game and start the first chapter.


The game consists of a number of different levels. In each level, you have to throw the birds to kill the pigs. Launching the birds is done by swiping your finger across the screen. Birds can be stopped by hitting a beam at the bottom of the screen as they fly over the pigs. Birds can also move or knock down objects they collide with. During the launch of the birds, you can use the power-ups on the left side of the screen to use the bird's features.

Basic Strategies of the Game

Spot the pigs well: Some pigs are more vulnerable than others. In the game, locating the pigs is critical to passing the levels.

Use the characteristics of birds: Birds have different characteristics. Some have destructive power, while others act directly. Understanding which bird has which trait is important for developing your strategy.

Target destructive objects: Levels contain destructive objects. These can be used to kill pigs. You can help pass the levels by directing your birds towards destructive objects.

Earn enough points: You need to get enough points to pass the levels. Points are earned by destroying objects and pigs.


Angry Birds is a simple yet fun strategy game. It is played using birds to kill pigs and includes different levels. To succeed in the game, locate the pigs, use the bird's attributes, target destructive objects and

Destroy objects and pigs to get enough points. Also, some levels have special bonuses and power-ups. By using these features, you can pass the levels faster and easier.

Game Graphics and Sounds

Angry Birds draws attention with its colorful and lively graphics. Each level takes place in a different environment and the game also has different worlds. The sound effects of the game are also very successful and complete the atmosphere of the game.

In conclusion

Angry Birds is played by millions of people because it is a simple but fun game. The game is suitable for players of all ages and can be played for a long time with its different worlds, levels and features. By using the basic strategies of the game, you can easily pass the levels and increase your scores.

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