Crazy Birds Kart Hidden Stars

Hello dear Gamethrink.

Hey player. Welcome to play Crazy Birds Kart Hidden Stars. Crazy Birds Kart Hidden Stars is a great hidden object game.

Crazy Birds Card Hidden Stars is a free online fun hidden object game. Try to find the hidden stars in the specified images. Crazy Birds Card Hiiden Stars has about 6 different levels and about 10 hidden stars in each level. What you have to do is to skip the levels by trying to find these stars. In this game where there is a time limit, it is very important to be fast and try to find all the hidden objects before the time runs out. Clicking the wrong place several times reduces the duration by another 5 seconds. So if you're ready, start the game and have fun!

Press to play Crazy Birds Kart Hidden Stars and you can start the tour soon.

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