Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero

Hello dear Gamethrink player.
The world of Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero opens the door for you to create your hero story, and the power is now in your hands. The character, who covers his body with armor, needs your help to defeat the bad guys who will shoot from towers of different heights. There are always two possibilities in this game, my friend. One of these is to either succeed and survive, or fail and die. Both are your choice. Thousands of evil warrior spirit knights entered the city and captured the towers. Now the task falls to you. You have to capture these castles one by one. With your help and superior warrior performance, all these enemy knights will be eliminated. When the enemies disappear, you will be declared a hero by clearing the city from the bad guys. In Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero, controlling the direction of the rocket with the help of the mouse (touching and dragging the screen on mobile devices) and measuring the angle will allow you to destroy the enemies at the height of the towers. You earn money every time you destroy an enemy in the world of Fall of Guyz Rocket Hero. You can get the opportunity to have different funny costumes by saving the money you earn. So what are you waiting for to be a hero? On behalf of Gamethrink, we wish you good luck and success.

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