Fly This!

Hello dear Gamethrink player.

Hey player. Welcome to play Fly This! Fly This! is a great clean up game.

Come on little pilot are you ready to fly? Are you ready to be the legendary man of the sky? This game is a flight control game where a good flight performance must be created by keeping the indoor air control high. There are dozens of different levels that are raced by drawing and describing the flight paths, which are increasingly gripping and need to be overcome. It takes players to the skies in a race against time to get passengers safely to their destinations, avoiding collisions in increasingly challenging action-puzzles. Becoming a pro in air traffic has never been easier or more fun. As you complete the tracks and level up in the game, you will encounter beautiful airports and planes, each more beautiful than the next, that you will add to your fleet. Control planes in a beautiful but virtual 3D world. Transport passengers, earn coins and unlock new planes. Hoping to progress on exotic islands with unique themes.

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