Giant Snowball Rush

Hello dear Gamethrink player.
Hey player. Welcome to play Giant Snowball Rush. Giant Snowball Rush is a great snowball racing game.

Think of a race, are you ready for a snowball racing legend that grows by advancing the snowball and becomes more challenging as it grows? Try to make the snowball that will be given to you as large as possible. Try to reach the finish line as soon as possible by crushing the opponents that you will encounter quickly and agile. In the process, you have to dodge your opponents' various obstacles and collect as many gold and accessories as possible. As you keep pushing the snowball, the snowball will get bigger. The disadvantage of the large snowball is that it is more difficult to control. In this process, be as careful as possible and reach the finish line as soon as possible.

Hit the play button to play Giant Snowball Rush and play now.

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