Hex Takeover

Hello dear Gamethrink player.

Hex Takeover is a turn-based strategy game played on different hexagonal boards. The goal is pretty simple: Conquer the most tiles to win. How to Play: While it's your turn, tap one of your yellow tiles to choose your next move. When you tap, the moves you can do will appear to you. You need to position yourself on one of the adjacent tiles. Landing next to your opponent's tiles allows for the opportunity to turn your opponent's tiles into yours! Cloning a piece means you get more tiles of your own color on the board. This allows you to be superior to your opponent. Destroying your enemy tiles from afar allows you to win the war. It looks easy doesn't it? Let's test your skills! Hex Takeover has simple game rules, but the game can be a bit difficult! With different levels and varying difficulty, there are tons of different strategies to explore. Explore the map and face new enemies and challenges with very satisfying and calming gameplay! Can you explore the entire map and unlock new characters to play with?

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