Merge Cakes

Hello dear Gamethrink.

Hey player. Welcome to play Merge Cakes. Merge Cakes is a great cake building game.

In this game, new types of cakes appear by combining cakes. You will receive a 3*3 square slice at the first boot. A pot lid will fall on these slices in the above order. Try to open them in order. Each time you open it, various types of cakes, from large to small, will appear. Assemble each cake on an equal cake with drag and drop. Each time you combine, a new cake will open and a new score will be added to your household. When the cakes reach a certain size, a new square will be added to the square slice. When you complete your score sheet, you will have opened the door to a new chapter. Are you ready for a great cake journey by combining the cakes offered to you? Come on then hit the play button and play!

Press to play Merge Cakes and you can start the tour soon.

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