Subway Clash 2

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Hey player. Welcome to play Subway Clash 2. Subway Clash 2 is a great war game.

Religious sects, which are accepted as the symbol of destruction and devotion, are considered to be a structure that has brought countries to the brink of collapse for a long time. It operates in the cities of Moscow in a structure similar to the structuring of this sect. They consider themselves "Illyich's Witnesses." This community, led by the famous fanatic Bonch-Bruyevich, is a community whose aims are tasked with attacking the Moscow regime and overthrowing the constitutional order. As the GRU Special Forces commander, you have been chosen for the task of clearing out these deadly cult knights and eliminating all unwanted criminal elements. Keep your proud soldier afloat and collect new weapons along the way to push your team forward. The Subway has many nooks and crannies, some of which hide hiding places and other surprises.

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