The Mergest Kingdom

Hello dear Gamethrink player.
>br>Hey gamer what do you think of fairy tales! Then The Mergest Kingdom game is just for you. Do you like fairy tales! Assemble hundreds of objects, gather and harvest resources, design your own island by making it look the way you want, in a land full of challenging missions! Try to find the best ways to match and combine various parts to create the biggest buildings and grow the best plants! Follow your path to rebuild the Mergest Kingdom and help transform it into the most magical kingdom in the Seventh Realm! What is The Mergest Kindom like? It's totally your world! Only here you can find the most amazing objects to assemble! You can combine dragons, trees, gems and almost anything you find on your journey of discovery! The rules are your rules. Participate in daily quests, dig various resources to build, Explore dazzling vast MAGIC regions filled with mysterious creatures, characters and fascinating objects that fill this endless world! Hit the play button and play now to experience this perfect combiner game.

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